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My favorite holiday. Gather up family and food and gratitude and spend the day together. What could be better?

Here is a non-inclusive list of what I am grateful for today.

I’m grateful for the snow that is falling, draping beautiful carpets of white across the ground.

I’m grateful that my boys will be here and maybe we can play some games.

I’m grateful for my job and the people I work with who make me smile and laugh every day.

I’m grateful that I am healthy and able to do what I enjoy in activities.

I’m grateful for Ted and his hard work and creativity and support.

I’m grateful for my friends near and far. I’m grateful for their sharing spirits, understanding hearts, willingness to listen and ability to call out my shit. – And huge ability to make me laugh as they do so.

I’m grateful for my home, my plants, my gardens, my neighbors.

I am grateful for my family of all generations and connectivity. For the love given and shown throughout my life.

I’m grateful for travel and all that I learn and see when I visit new places and meet new people.

I’m grateful for ceremony, for prayer, for the moments I feel limitless love.

I’m grateful for things, people, books and podcasts that come along and find their way to me that expands my mind and heart.

I’m grateful for those who struggle and allow me to see it so that I might not go through the same struggle.

I’m grateful that on most days, I do notice the part of any situation where gratitude can be found.

And if you are reading this. I am grateful.

With love,


Death and Taxes


Ben F death and taxes

Today is a day of death and taxes.

My weekend was already planned for getting enough of the taxes figured out that I can file a somewhat accurate extension.  We haven’t filed on time in 25 years, so I’m not about to start now.  That would surely draw attention.

My sister texted that her mother in law passed away.  It wasn’t a shock as she had been ill and this past week had taken a turn for the worse.

While it can’t totally change my focus on what needs to be done this weekend, it is a reminder that life is fragile and where the real importance lies.

tax lineToo many times we find ourselves standing in the wrong line.

My brother in law lost his father many years ago and while this isn’t a shock it is still the moment when you realize you are an orphan and now the generations all reside after you and not before you.


I think back on that time when it happened for me and realize how very blessed I was/am with the aunts and uncles from both sides of the family who made sure we knew we could count on their presence in the absence of their lost siblings.  Thank you to all of you for your continued support.  It is immeasurable in importance.

I love the ones

I thought when Mom died that there was nothing more cruel than the closing of the coffin.  I couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing her physical presence. I would have preferred to have her stuffed like a lion and have her where I could still visit. ( I know that is bad, but it is honestly how I felt at the time).  I needed not worry about that as I now sometimes hear her in the choir or playing the organ at church or she pops into a dream.  I am now myself even past the age that I remember her most vibrant and that is sometimes  hard to wrap my mind around as a concept.

And with Dad, I still will visit somewhere or go to a restaurant and think that I need to bring him there the next time he is out for a visit.  Neither of my parents share the physical space, but they have not left me.

So to my sister and her family and her husband’s family I have no words that properly tell you how much I wish I could be there to share in the stories that could be told that help you to remember the days of laughter around the pool (once it was built),  of the antics from your childhood, or other stories to bring back more quickly the younger healthy Mother into your vision as that is the one we all hold most dearest.

tears are words


My love to you all.

Wilma,  I wish you were here and I could bribe you to take a look at the taxes as I am liking this task less every year.

Love Betty

58 days to Raw Challenge


58 Days to the obstacle race!  Holy Cow!

It’s not that I don’t do anything active, but 58 days to get ready?  Every time I look at the race website: https://www.rawchallenge.com.au/events/sydney-may-2015 I get both excited and scared shitless.  I’m beginning to have very little doubt that I will make it over there.  The how is still unknown but faith is a powerful force and I truly have faith that it will somehow happen.

believe obstacle

I have not had even one person question if I can do it and in fact the outpouring of emotional support is amazing.

I have always known how blessed I am to grow up in the family I share DNA with and also how lucky I am to have the family that holds me in their hearts as family even tho we don’t share the same ancestors directly.

I Thank you All.  Keep the support coming as I increase the reps, exercises and decrease the time to fit it all in.  I will need the cheers to coax me on.

Keep sharing this site if you are enjoying it.  Brainstorm for ways to get me to Sydney and dream of something outrageous for yourself.

what if why not

Wilma, I got in the 30 minute power walk at lunch, did the squats, couple of planks, pushups, upright rows and the overhead things. I also practiced having a beer since it is also part of the race. (at least that is what I believe they mean when they refer to the “hard earned beverage” after the race)

Love Betty,