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Two Autumns

I got to thinking last night that six months ago I landed into my first days of autumn for 2015.  It was the benefits of landing “down under” in Australia.

How lucky am I that I have in this year, seen fall colors in Australia, Colorado, Tennessee and Georgia.


I Australia, there were beautiful purple flowering trees in the fall.

purple trees in australia

In Colorado, we have the John Deere fall colors of yellow aspens and green pines.

colorado fall colors

In Tennessee, the colors were just starting.

tennessee fall

And had I stayed a few more weeks in Georgia, the wedding photos could have included these colors.

georgia fall

I know it has been a lot of third season photos and talk lately, but really, can there be too much focus on beauty? Besides, this time of year seems so fragile and fleeting that it feels that more time should be focused on observing it.

Autumn is a second spring

Love Sally

Lookout Mountain

Yesterday, we hugged our friends who had hosted us so very well goodbye and we headed to Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga. I was still in the company of the bride and groom and his parents.

We got to experience the worlds steepest incline railway


. At 72.7 degrees of incline at the most vertical section, it is a dramatic ride.

We had chosen to park at the base and take the rail up.


Once  at the top we walked over to the Signal Point Park and meandered our way around the Point learning of the battles and importance of the location.


The area was beautiful and while the placards we would read portrayed the history of the spot, it was the stories that were recounted while we traped around that I loved.

image image

As this was my first weekend of spending time with the groom’s folks, I especially enjoyed the casual absorption of family information and bits of stories that are garnered from the staccato pace of touring that kind of spot.

A quick ride back down the mountain and we were back into our cars for the drive back to Nashville.


Two car had been driven down to accommodate all the luggage and extra little things for the wedding the day prior.  It was the groom and his parents in one and me riding with the bride.

TWo hours sped by in our vehicle as we chatted and laughed our way back.

AT dinner, I had some great food, but it was the narrative of the history of my newly acquired friends that fed my soul.

After dinner, we headed to one of the Honky Tonk bars that Nashville is famed for.


The band was the Western Swingers. The fiddler is 87 years young and played and sang without ever looking like he needed a rest or break at all.  Maybe I’ll have that kind of energy when I grow up.

Another great day.

love Sally

We go a Visiting

Saturday, Jas and I went down to Chattanooga to visit the folks we would have seen had we been going to support my cousin in his quest.

I had wanted to see a couple that I had liked so well from my first Sun Dance experience that we did not get to see at this past year’s.  It is the son of the Medicine man and his wife that had spent many hours with me during that first Sun Dance and they live in the same area we were going to.

We also wanted to visit and were expecting to stay with the folks who were to have hosted the prayerful time for my cousin.

Sometimes thing then happen to change your plans.  In Native American speak, I mooned out. (Got my menstrual cycle.)  There was another person that had scheduled to come in for his prayers when my cousin cancelled, so I could no longer stay at the house of the destination.  Mooning women cannot be around as they carry their own power during that cycle and it can interfere.

This would also mean that I would not get to sweat in the sweat lodge at either place – both sets of folks we wanted to visit have their own lodges.

So not being sure if we would get to see the folks at the original destination at all, we phoned the others and were graciously invited over there to stay.

It was great.  We sat around and just shared stories, had a wonderful meal, she played her guitar and sang wonderfully for us and we laughed and laughed.

Being with them was so welcoming that it was like being enveloped in a hug the entire time we were there.  Pretty awesome.

The area in Chattanooga is just full of hundreds of different types of deciduous trees that just create this gorgeous canopy of jungle type atmosphere.  I got up in the morning and tried to find any of the seemingly hundreds of birds that were welcoming the day as I awoke and due to the height, breadth and density of the foliage, I could not see any of them.

After sharing another meal, we headed off to see the other group as it was relayed that if I kept to the house, we could come and visit.  Again, we were welcomed with much love and were able to spend a few hours catching up on everyone’s lives before heading back to Nashville.

It was a great weekend for me and of course it also included the “road trip” talk-a-thon that seems to prevail.

Heading out for some more sites today weather pending.

Love Sally