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Over 1000 Views!


do what you thought you couldn't

Today marks the day the total times the bog has been viewed to be at over 1000!  I know that isn’t really very much considering some of you have read each and every post so your contributions add right up.  It still feels like a significant amount to this gal who had no idea that blogging would be any part of her daily routine six weeks ago.

I know I never ever thought I would come up with a thought to write about daily – yet every day something pops up or into my mind and I am able to put something down.

write for yourself

Some days I have to wonder who is more crazy – me for writing a moment or two of my days to whomever wants to read about it, or you for getting caught up in this journey and either checking out the occasional page or for the truly faithful/masochistic – reading it daily.

Thank you for your part in my journey

It is the feedback that propels me to continue as this is not just me spewing out stories, weather and workout reports.  It is also the responses, comments, facebook messages, text and phone messages that give me the glimps from your side of the glass that is enriching and fueling the desire to continue.

It is only a few more weeks that this leg of the journey continues, so hang in there with me if you can.

do something worth writing

Love Betty

A Week of Workouts and Writing



It has been officially an entire week of daily workouts and blogging! Who woulda thunk?  So far they are fueling each other and along with your comments and encouragement I feel pretty good about it.

I’ve had folks ask about the workouts and of the blogging and what is entailed in maintaining each.  Here is how it has been for me.

I was told day one by Wilma to do 20 squats, 20 pushups, 20 upright rows, and 20 presses.  She mentioned I should use weights from 1-5 pounds as I felt comfortable to start and if I didn’t have them, the local store was sure to sell them.

Okay, maybe she missed the memo of all extra money will now be going toward the trip to see her.  So, if I’m not buying weights to use whatever will I do?

1, 3 and 4 pound weights abound in the pantry
1, 3 and 4 pound weights abound in the pantry

My pantry is a small room, not a wall as shown above, but just the same, I have plenty of 1 pound weights in the form of soup cans, cans of beans, etc.  The two pound weights are the 32 ounce bottles of lemon and lime concentrate that are unopened in the pantry and the 4 pound weights are the OceanSpray Juices or V8 jugs.  Turns out I have plenty of weights around.

My husband Barney has since gotten out his barbells and taken the weights off for now and just lets me use the bar which is 30 pounds – we think.  I am glad to have it as for some reason I kept getting hungry when I worked out in the pantry!  Go figure.

Last night Wilma said to add another weight exercise where you bend over and reverse your grip and pull upwards with slightly bent knees.  She also mentioned that I could add a jump to the end of each squat.  (that just sounds like crazy talk to me!  I just got to the point that I can do multiple sets of squats per day and still walk down the stairs when I need to)  I might have to pretend I didn’t see that one!  She said to increase reps when I can. so now I do twenty or thirty reps sometimes a couple times a day.  I added planks on my own as I know I need to increase the core strength and I feel pretty secure doing anything where after an interval I can nap on the carpet.

So far we are not all that structured in the how, when and where.  Friday, I was doing pushups off of a low counter in the break room while I was heating something in the microwave.  It seemed like a great use of time until one of the sales guys walked in and wondered what the heck I was doing.

Oh, And we are to walk/run/jog when we can.  I walk for now.

wonder woman

The Blogging has been interesting as well.  I’m sure I didn’t know what I was going to write about every day and truth is, I usually wake up thinking I have an idea to put down for that day and by the time I sit down to the computer in the evening to write the post, it is something altogether different that comes out of me.

Please continue to comment on the pages if you can. You will not see your comments right away as I do have to go in and approve them for posting – thus avoiding someone posting inappropriate things.   Like I won’t have enough inappropriate posts of my own!

If you have time, go back and click on the comments and see what others have said and remember to Like the pages and pass along if your comfortable doing so.

For those who read every day, you are the eggs, butter and sugar in my batter.  For those who read when you can, but catch up as you go, you add the vanilla and flour.  For those who post a comment, you’re the icing on the cake.

I feel your love and support.  Just remember –

I love you more
I love you more

Love Betty