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Breaking Bad self tour



As I am sitting at the gate waiting for my next trip to begin, I feel the pressure to finish sharing the last bits of last weekends trip.

Part of the reason that #2 son wanted to go to Alburquerque was to see many of the locations where the Breaking Bad show was filmed.

Hubby and son would watch it together on Netflix after I would head of to my slumber.  – since I rise a few hours prior to them, I also turn in earlier.

so here are some of the sites we saw. I think they referred to this hotel as the crystal palace.
crystal meth hotel

The place that is normally called Java Joes was Tuco’s office in the show.  We got a tea and s’mores fudge block from our visit. Without explosions. (Show reference)Java Joes aka tukos headquarters

Below are the Heisenberg look a likes. (Hubby and son in case it has been so long that you don’t recognize them)


walt look alikes

We went into old town Alb and found the Candy Lady who make the famous candy version of Walt’s blue Meth. (I continually kept forgetting and referring to it as crack to sons displeasure)

candy lady meth

Jessie’s House was a drive by.jessie house


Pretty sure we found Heisenburg as there is keen resemblance.

Heiserman found

Walt’s house was also a drive by and this is not the actual photo we took. Turns out the folks that purchased it are none too happy about the frequency of folks stopping by to catch a veiw of the somewhat famous home.

The new owners were sittin in the garage with the goor open and giving all the onlookers who came by the evil stink eye.

walts house

There were more stops and much more fun as we drove around town.

we even ate at one of the local spots that the characters would visit.


Good times.  Sure there is more, but plane is loading.

love Sally


unfinished procrastinating

Going to be a short note today as the blog I have to write to complete the stories from last weekend’s travel adventures will require more time than I have at the moment.

Those awful taxes that I waited until the last minute to file the extension on in April? Yep due today.  The victory signal can rise because I did get them completed and Efiled last night!  I know, I had hours to spare!

no limits what can be done

Now I have the quarterly sales tax for the business that must be completed by the 20th, but I am headed out of town again this weekend for a wedding and will not return until the 20th.  Even by my standards, that is cutting it too close to leave until I get back, so it must be done tonight or tomorrow.


So look forward to the “Breaking Bad” or maybe “Breaking Dad” blog tomorrow – or the next day – if I get distracted by something shiny and don’t get the quarterly’s done today.

always something for tomorrow

Love Sally




Balloon Fiesta Massive Launch


The morning we went to the launching of the balloons in Albuquerque, we decided to drive there instead of taking the bus.  Traffic was jam packed by 5:30 am and it took over an hour to get there.

On the way we could see the first few balloons that they send off to gauge the wind and conditions.  It was still dark, the moon and stars were out and the balloons were glowing as they rose in the sky.

By the time we parked and walked to the grounds, many were starting to fill and take off.

packed in there

Some of the specialty balloons that we saw in the Evening Glow session that never left the ground were now taking flight.  Seeing that huge astronaut floating in the air was too fun.

Nasa balloon

The fields were full of balloons setting up and taking off and when they were up, more would come in and start their launch process to join the rest.

up up and away

When they say police are everywhere – well, there was even a billy cop in the sky.

cops everywhere

The colors were just breathtaking.

awesome balloons

The number of balloons were more than I could have imagined.

lots of balloons

So many smiles just looking at all of them.  I decided that while we might normally be overwhelmed with the crowds of people, the overriding emotion from everyone in attendance is just happiness in seeing all the balloons so it didn’t give any of the big crowd anxiety.

yoda and darth

Where else can you see a blue whale and a large chicken hanging out together?

special balloons

In the photo below, see if you can find: humpty dumpty, a cow, nemo, scarecrow and of course countless other gorgeous balloons.


cow nemo scarecrow humpty

I highly recommend going to this event if you ever get the chance.  It was awesome.

Love Sally

Evening Glow

For the evening glow session of the Balloon Fiesta we drove to the mall and hopped on one of the hundreds of school buses that the Balloon Fiesta used to shuttle people into the grounds for the event.

The evening glow was made up of the special shape and themed balloons of which there were more than we could completely capture.

Where else can you catch a view of Spider Pig?

Spider Pig

There were ones that were meant to be together.

sal iphone 071
There were ones that you could imagine a conversation from them or between two of them.

Wow! those New Mexico green chilies are hot! Houston, I have my own booster rocket today!



Hey Yoda, don’t these burners just sound like my voice box normally does?

Yoda and Darth
You know, I could use a dog wearing a hat and suspenders in my clown show. What do you say?

Clown and dog

Oh wise one, my basket is sore and people say I’m glowing, do you think I might be pregnant?

sal iphone 056

The evening glow was followed by a laser light show, fireworks and a band.  Pretty stellar night.

laser lights at fiesta

Love Sally

Morning views in Backyard

We got into Albuquerque late last night so group decision was to skip the o’dark thirty rise and shine to see the early morning glow.

Instead we enjoyed conversation, coffee, yummy breakfast and got to see some of the balloons fly right over us and next to us.

image image image image

Very cool and no crowds!

Heading off to see some of the “Breaking Bad” spots this afternoon.

The evening will be to the grounds for the night balloon launch.

love Sally



Getting a Sendoff

We had a bit of a sendoff tonight from our wilder neighbors last night.

elk in the backyard

Below, you can see that two were fighting over who would pose for us. (that is my story anyway)

sparing elk

The babies from spring are getting bigger.

elk eating our flowers

There were more big males than I have seen around one herd. The one below is different than the one above and there were about 5 or 6 with good size racks hanging around the fringes with the big one bugling and keeping the main heard with him.  The one below was singling out a date for the evening.

elk by the garden

This big boy below had been beaten down and was limping and had scrapes on his forehead from a recent fight.

big elk

We have a love / hate relationship with the wildlife as we both seem to enjoy our gardens and this is the time of year when our watered gardens have the only greenery left and so are like by them and us.

Love Sally

Lunch Walk

I went for my walk at lunch the other day and realized that I hadn’t been on that walk for months.  I had spent most of the summer lunches with my shoes off, feet in the grass, sitting on a blanket under a cottonwood tree in the small park nearby.   Most of those days when I was feeling the loss of my friends from work, that was what made me feel grounded and let me dissipate my struggles.

nature is the perfect refreshment.

Part of not walking was that it was a hot summer and I was saving my close-by coworkers  from my corner of the room smelling like a locker room – at least that is my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, with a little fall in the air, I went back to my walk.

I love the seasons and the beauty each provides.

There were the wild sunflowers by the lake.

sunflowers by the lake


and these bright yellow ones pushing through the fence and around the lake too.

delicate yellow flower

fall by the lake

Little blue flowers looking like a Disney character.

disney character in flower

A growing wildflower dried bouquet.

dried bouquet

The canal that was running so swiftly in the spring was now dried as well.

dried canal

It was lined with flowers of it’s own.

fall beauties

I had been away so long, that the field that I had been cutting through to get back to the office complex was now fenced off and being excavated for something new.

It was a bit of a reminder that I had been stagnant for too long.

Love Sally




Weekend Plans


balloons aloftThis coming weekend, the plan is for 3/4 of the family to go to Albuquerque, NM for the Hot Air Balloon Festival and stay with our friends there.

These are the friends that I went down to visit in early July and then they came up to visit in early September.  They graciously invited us to come see the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque and stay with them.

There are many morning and evening activities at the Fiesta. We will be there early for the dawn patrol.

balloon fest schedule

And then there is the odd shaped balloons ascending a bit later

angry bird balloon

And in the evening there is the Balloon Glow where you see them lit at night.  Fireworks and band performance are also to be enjoyed.

balloon glow photo

On Friday, Hillary Smith is performing with her group. She is the awesome singer I heard when I visited in July.

balloon fest music schedule

#2 Son is going with hubby and I and as he has a girlfriend with whom he spends nearly every day with after school at her home, we thought we would invite her to go with us.  My thinking is there is nothing like a road trip to get to know someone better and so this would be good for us all.


Her family is still thinking on it, but I wrote a plea to her family this past weekend so we shall see.

They don’t really know much about us yet, so it may not happen.

We plan for fun either way.

Love Sally


Wedding of a Niece

This past weekend was my niece’s wedding. Well, she technically isn’t my niece, as she is my cousin’s daughter, but that is just semantics. My cousin (JB) has been like a brother to me. When he moved to Colorado, he moved in with me and was living with me when he met his wife.  He probably knows me even better than my actual brothers as not only did we spent time in our youth together so that he knows my early history, but we know what we were like in early adulthood and then have been our only relatives within the same state. Even though we don’t see each other as often as we would like, my kids only know their family as Aunt, Uncle and cousins and same for them with us. 

The wedding ceremony was scheduled to begin at 4 pm.  Due to our starting out a little bit later than I wanted, and coupled with weekend traffic heading into town from the mountains, we arrived about ten minutes late.
An employee of the golf coarse, seeing us dressed for a  wedding, directed us to where the ceremony was taking place.  They were set up just beyond the practice putting green so we cut across that to shave off some precious seconds.
What I hadn’t thought about was how the heals of my shoes (yes, I had heals on) would sink completely into the  well manicured grass as I walked.  I wasn’t thinking about how I was aerating the grounds until we walked back across it when the ceremony was complete and I saw all the holes I had created in the putting green.  Whoops!
holes in putting green
The holes I installed weren’t as evenly spaced, but otherwise looks like a descent representation of my contribution to the course.

The portion of the ceremony that we witnessed was beautiful and touching. As my arrival time was based on when we hit the parking lot and did not include the trek to where the ceremony was, and they clearly started on time, we actually got to see about the last five minutes.  Hey, I heard the “husband and wife” line, so I’m good.

two people fell in love

My niece who got married yesterday, was named after JB’s sister who passed away when she was just 24 years young.  I couldn’t help but think of my lost cousin- her aunt- during the festivities and feel that she was watching from her heavenly perch.
My other cousin (CB) was also in town with his wife and 14 year old son.  His grown daughters were there with their husbands whom I had never met.  Spending time with all of them and sharing stories and laughter was awesome.
the best part of life's journey
My niece started the marriage chapter of her life and we got to connect with family we hadn’t gotten to see or spend time with in a long time.  It was a great wedding.
a wedding is a partyLove Sally
Lots of photos on FB from various family members if you need photos of the wedding.

Email Exchanges


cell phone usersIn this day and age where it seems everyone is attached to their phone, I have a friend who cant seem to keep her’s on or check a text message to save her life.

The only consistent form of communication is emailing back and forth from our work emails.  Now, I have let her know that everyone in my department has access to each others work emails so it is best to keep it not too personal.

So, to disguise her personal emails to me she generally puts something customer related in the subject line.

Now for Disclaimer:  Warning: If you have aversion to hearing about what middle age women talk about or wear, stop reading and close this window now.

graphic warning

So one day in the not too distant past, I received an email from her with the subject line of: “Thanks for your assistance!”

The email read:

Okay – seriously, have you ever had one of those days where you have TRULY reached the bottom of the underwear drawer because you just have too many other things to do than laundry? Well, I have to say that I hit that place today, and I need you to make a solemn promise to me as a friend and confidant. It is important.

If I should be injured or killed in an accident today, I really need for YOU to explain to any EMT’s, first responders or emergency room doctors (especially the cute, male ones) that THESE ARE NOT MY REGULAR UNDERPANTS! I have cute panties – it was a bad day! Please…I need someone who loves me to emphatically state that I do not like old, dingy, formerly white, cotton, high-waisted granny pants whose elastic last stretched in the mid-90’s.

Thank you. I love you.

I had a seriously horrible customer service escalation at the time that took over an hour of phone time with this inconsolable customer so I did not respond. After all, this kind of surprise email can’t just have a “I’ve got your back” response.

The call went right into my lunch hour so once I was off the call, I bolted for the park where I proceeded to wipe that call from my mind with one a million times better with another friend.

When I returned from lunch, there was another email from my friend with the subject line of “Sad”

this one read:

I am thinking that you are out today – or off, or you quit. And somebody else looked at my previous email.

To which I would like to say, since they are also probably reading this one, sorry about that. My name is Holly Berry and I am just a good friend of Sally’s. Having a weird day, so please disregard my previous email. It was just a joke.

Thank you.

I roared in laughter at my desk as not only is Holly Berry not her name, but it is the name of another dear friend of mine that she also knows! I howled at her attempt to throw Holly under the bus. Oh wait, that wasn’t an attempt, there were tread marks! Bahahaha. This is where I started printing the emails to share with at least Holly.

So I responded as if I was some unknowing person. (her email is badams)

Dear Bad Ams,

Your emails have been received and reviewed by our fraud department as you have been flagged as a possible threat to our company.  Your emails are being sent to the special encoded decipher department to ascertain the true meaning behind the words.  Granny Pants is a known subversive name for a blond single mother of two hiding in a small mountain town of Colorado.  She is known to have a dangerous mind and deadly mouth.  If encountered, she should be hugged hard and turned in to a group of lethal women known to gather together.  They are meeting this Sunday for a brunch.  If you can manage it, please bring said “Granny Pants” so that she can be dealt with accordingly.

Just remember, anything you can or do say will be used as a butt of a joke.

We were, after all having a Mom’s brunch for my birthday that weekend.

She responded:


Peed in my granny’s…

I then sent her a personal email – subject line: “public postings”

it read:

Dear Friend,

I hope you are okay and doing well.  I haven’t heard from you in forever and thought I should let you know that my email has been compromised and everything is somehow being posted on the interweb without our ability to stop it.  Luckily I know you have never written anything that could be misconstrued or be embarrassing to either one of us.

Best regards,

to which she responded:


You are my soul-smartass….

These are the email exchanges between one of my friends and I.  Insight into lunacy.

I had meant to take the series of emails to our Mom’s luncheon as I had taken another exchange a time or two prior and everyone got a kick out of it.  I forgot.  Lucky for me, I can put it up here for them to see.  Oh, and kinda make that last email I sent come true!

mentally unrestricted

Thanks BA for the laughs at work when things go awry.  I would love to text or phone you sometime too though when it is outside of work hours.  Just saying.  And don’t worry about too many people reading this.  I’m not heavily followed.

Love Sally