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The Guest Blogs


step  up to the plate

I have to say that I am thrilled about the number of you whom have expressed a desire to possibly write a guest blog for me.  I just might take a month off!

Oh, probably not, but it would be nice to have some extra blogs in the Betty email that can be drawn upon. Those times after a long and drudgerous day when there are no words coming from my head or fingertips. (Wiktionary has drudgerous in there, so quit thinking I’m making up my own words – even if I looked it up to make sure that I wasn’t the one making it up)

I do not have a date that I know I will need your guest blog as I cannot see the future and do not know when life will throw a curve ball.  If you send them to the, I will post them in the general order that they come in – but on the as needed basis. I could end up keeping it in my back pocket for a while, so if you send one be patient and I will be sure to email you the day it goes up so you will not miss it.

I’m looking for stories to share and you may choose your own format as long as the content doesn’t get me booted from my own site!

comfort zone

I have a trip planned a month from this one, so you needn’t worry that you can only write one and it will be used in the next two weeks or not at all.  I will continue until we are all tired of sharing stories.

There might even be a grander trip on the horizon so you can write a several part story if needed to keep you from writing War and Peace all in one post.

go for it


Thank you for the help.

Wilma, you actually get to choose when your guest blog goes up if you write one.

I guess for the rest of you, if you have one for a particular day that you would really like the blog to post, I can consider those as well.

Love Betty

Starting the Lists and Who Will Fill In?



I awoke this morning and all of a sudden realized I have been talking about this trip for a month and a half and I have no idea what I am packing.  Somewhere in my mind it was the job of getting there that needed tackled and not what I will need to take with me.

travel light

Some friends came over for some coffee/tea and we had some breakfast and they started the list for the plane ride with me.

Have I said that the main leg of the plane journey is 15hr. 15 min. long?  That is alot of time to read, think, solve puzzles, listen to music and hopefully sleep.

And who knows, maybe a story or two comes out of it.

Speaking of stories, I may need a guest blogger or two to fill in for a day or so.  Who among you will take up the torch and jot something down to be posted in my stead?  It need not be long, or about anything in particular.  Maybe you have a story of a trip that could be shared.

No worries that you would have to figure out how to get it onto the blog. You can just email and I will copy and paste it to a page. (are you properly impressed that I set up my own email to go with my persona? I’m learning all kinds of things these days – oh, I tested it and it works too!)

I’m still hoping Wilma will add a post in one of these days, but so far her frequent comments is all that she has been comfortable with posting.  And Wilma, that is okay and your comments are appreciated.

guest blogger

Give it some thought and if you think about it more than once or it tugs at your heart or mind, just do it.  I did and so can you. Some of you are well more qualified than I am anyway.

I’m off to figure out where some of my travel supplies are and what I need to pick up this week.

travel without fear

Love Betty





Over 1000 Views!


do what you thought you couldn't

Today marks the day the total times the bog has been viewed to be at over 1000!  I know that isn’t really very much considering some of you have read each and every post so your contributions add right up.  It still feels like a significant amount to this gal who had no idea that blogging would be any part of her daily routine six weeks ago.

I know I never ever thought I would come up with a thought to write about daily – yet every day something pops up or into my mind and I am able to put something down.

write for yourself

Some days I have to wonder who is more crazy – me for writing a moment or two of my days to whomever wants to read about it, or you for getting caught up in this journey and either checking out the occasional page or for the truly faithful/masochistic – reading it daily.

Thank you for your part in my journey

It is the feedback that propels me to continue as this is not just me spewing out stories, weather and workout reports.  It is also the responses, comments, facebook messages, text and phone messages that give me the glimps from your side of the glass that is enriching and fueling the desire to continue.

It is only a few more weeks that this leg of the journey continues, so hang in there with me if you can.

do something worth writing

Love Betty

Snowed In



Spring? Sure, spring snow, wet and heavy.

First morning shot

I awoke this morning to the couple feet of snow that was predicted.  I had already received the call that our mountain area schools were closed for our county.  I trudged out to the car stomping down some snow on my way and noticing that it was heavy and very pack-able.

snowy birdfeeder

I started the car and was able to drive forward about 4 feet and it seemed I might be able to make it out.  I had parked facing outward to ensure for best odds.  First try I made it about half way up.  I managed to back into the space and give it another try.  I made if farther and so I kept trying (shoveling is not an option for this gal).  The problem became that the more I packed the snow with the wheels, the more slick the surface became and pretty soon I was going sideways more than I was moving in a linear way.

My motto of living in the mountains is that if I can’t make it out with a 4 wheel drive vehicle, then I shouldn’t go.  The snow was above my bumper, so I was essentially plowing best I could with my poor Subaru.  I texted the photos to my work crew and said I wouldn’t be in any time soon.

still snowing

I soon had visions of all that could be accomplished with staying home.  I checked the computer for messages and browsed flights and hotel on the chance that I take a jaunt up to Brisbane while I’m in Australia.

Barney got up and soon after having some breakfast and coffee together the power went out.

All of a sudden, most of the plans went out the window.  Why is it that when you have electricity it doesn’t seem like there is anything you need it for to complete the tasks at hand and when you don’t have it, all you can think of is the next job on the list that needs power.

Snowy Deck

Barney went out and got the generator out of the shed and gassed it up. We soon had partial power.  Problem was, it didn’t go the the computer or the laundry room which were two places I needed to spend time at.

I contemplated finding the snow shoes and taking the puppy out for some much needed energy draining but Bam Bam took him out while he attempted to shovel the drive so motivation was gone and I moved onto other tasks.

The sun did come out this afternoon and diminished the snow level by a good amount but the weather service is calling for more tonight.  Oh, and we did get power by early afternoon so I was able to get a few things checked off the list.

It was a beautiful day, but not looking too much like spring today.

make spring

Wilma, I did manage some reps with weights, worked in some sumo squats, the push ups and thought about jumping rope (I’m sure that counts)

Love Betty

Sites to See


snowy evening

It is snowing to beat the band today!  Predictions are of one to three feet in our area.  Lovely spring snow that will soak the ground good for all the trees, shrubs and grass.

It also gets me thinking of weather on the other hemisphere and where to visit while I am there.  Wilma said that it was 90 degrees yesterday but that it has been cooling off for the most part and she was seeing people in coats and hats the other day.  She also said they tend to wear them at around 70 degrees.

On my must be seen list are:

Sydney Harbor – Maybe a Ferry ride or get across the bridge for a view from the other side.  You can do a bridge climb which I think would be fantastic, but I’ll save my pennies for some other things this trip as it is a bit pricey.



Sydney Opera House – Not sure if I will be able to get both day and night photos, but it is a must to see.

sydney opera house

The Royal Botanic Gardens: sounds like a beautiful area to see the flora and fauna of the local area.  It is free of charge and I should be able to get there via public transportation as with most of the things in Sydney on my own when Wilma is working.

royal botanic gardens


The Rocks: The write up says: Earning its name from the sandstone rocks that line Sydney Harbour, this neighborhood is as quaint as it is cool. What we mean is that its cobblestone streets and 19th-century buildings are oh-so charming, but the shops, pubs, restaurants, and galleries are very fun and very au courant. One TripAdvisor user says, “Don’t let the ‘oldness’ fool you though. The Rocks are filled with amazing restaurants (don’t miss Sake…best sushi in town) and cute little book stores to pastry shops.”

The Rocks


That’s a start for in the city.  I’ll check out more in a day or two.




australia stamp


It has been asked about my traveling without family since I have ventured to Mexico and a few other jaunts without them now.

Some of my family is more adventurous than others.  Barney would prefer to be within the distance of home so that if things don’t go well he can leave and be back in his own bed and have his own bathroom without much delay.  He is adventurous, but likes the comforts of home as well.

It was a peek into the future when three weeks into our month long trip through Europe on our honeymoon he turned to me and said “the Broncos are playing the Browns this weekend, do you want to cut the trip short and go back?”  He had had enough of not knowing what we were ordering off of the menus and only speaking English to me for a few days.  I managed to guilt him into staying and we had a great time but it was a harbinger of things to come.

He does not seem to mind me going now though and I know he would have never made it through the Mexico customs line.  He would have been back on the tarmac trying to get on the next plane back to home.

define travel

Son#1 is more willing to enlarge the circle of travel than Barney depending upon whom he is traveling with and the climate he is going to.  His only response to when I asked him what he thought of my trip was that it was going to be hot.

Bam Bam will go anywhere with anyone who is paying.  He would have loved the Mexico trip and would love to join me on this one as well but both were in the school year and well, he has yet to pony up any funds to contribute. My stance is that if you want to go bad enough you will contribute to go.  He is also going on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic this summer so he will have a trip of his own soon.  He is providing effort to go to that one.  He also went to Ecuador two years ago as did Son #1.

When I asked Bam Bam what he thought of me going down under and doing the Raw Challenge, his response was that he would have done that with me as well. He just didn’t want to be  stuck in the children’s division.

I guess it is hard to be sixteen but want to do what those 18 and older get to do.

Wilma called just as I was leaving for work this morning and we were able to chat the entire drive in.  We are both getting excited.  She mentioned that she is learning more history about me than she had previously known.  I had to remind her that while it feels that we have known each other for 40 years, it really is more like 4.

very old friends

Wilma is also afraid I will embarrass her on the challenge since my training has fallen off a  bit while #1 was home.  Clearly she forgets that I will embarrass her no matter the strength and stamina or stage.

embarrassedFine, I’m off to lift some weights and do squats and a few planks.

Love Betty


Seeing Red


seeing red

Today was one of those days that I never felt right.  Things bothered me a little more than normal which I can recognize and somehow that irritates me further till I am seeing red.

A punching bag would have been a nice thing to have in the office today.

I spoke to a friend on the drive home and that helped.  Dinner helped some more and then I took a steam shower with the aromatherapy bottle of “cheer up buttercup” (I can’t make those names up)

I’m wondering if the weather front coming in has something to do with it as my sinuses are pressurized and my teeth hurt from the pressure.

I’m keeping this short and going to bed.  A good dream would be nice tonight.

pluck a flowerLove Betty

All in the Way you Look at It


see things differently

On my Sunday weekly walk, we walked for probably an entire year and would go past this one tree that rose up by two boulders and thought nothing of it.  It was fairly straight and beautiful and by itself.straight tree


One day, we happened to turn around and look at the tree from the opposite direction.  It was not growing straight up at all.  It was an illusion from our normal view.

a tree through struggles

The tree was almost at a 45 degree angle when we looked at it from the side.  I can imagine it starting out growing in that boulder and as it rooted itself and grew stronger and older it split that boulder in two and now the rock that caused it to struggle and grow in a crooked way is now actually providing support for the weight that pulls on it to one side.

We were astonished that we could have walked by it so many times and not seen the results of the struggles it had been through.

everyone a tree


And so to my forest of friends and family…..  Oh, nevermind,  I was about to get sappy.  (good grief, I can hear some of you groan from here. Can’t a gal throw in a pun every now and then?) (besides, you should all know that I love you just how you are by now)

Love Betty

The Power of the Walk


Beginning Three Sisters

Once a week, a friend, my puppy and I meet in a small parking lot at the edge of a park named Three Sisters.  It is generally morning when we pull into the parking lot, but not always.  As luck would have it, we are in a state where weather is seldom a factor although we have gone in the snow and wind and after a rain.

It is a beautiful area with many trails that can add mileage, elevation and difficulty to the hike, but us two ladies always take the same route.

Three Sisters

Every week, we meet and give the kind of hug that is strong, enveloping and let’s each person know we deeply care.  We then set out on the hike and while walking discuss the current week’s events in our lives.  If one has had a troubling week, the other may not even share their experiences, just providing an understanding ear, gentle feedback or the probing question when needed.

lay down and listen

Most times it is just the everyday stuff.  That stuff that makes up the majority of everyone’s lives that we forget to share because there is a television on or a radio program or some other method of distraction.  A short 40 minutes later – or so, we are back in the parking lot where it can sometimes take another 20 minutes just to finish a story or discussion.

Once more, a wonderful hug is given and each is headed home until the next Sunday hike.girls hugging

You could speculate that on the really cold or windy or overcast days that we would skip this endeavor since it is such a simple thing.  To do so would underestimate the power of the walk.

To comprehend this power, you must understand that it is the beauty and serenity of the surroundings, the comradery of an understanding friend, the physical release of exertion and the knowing that The Walk will always provide a surprise.  All of those features combine into a powerful force that is not to be missed.

be the kind of woman


Thank you my friend for walking every week without fail.


Wilma, I have my workout room back so I’m hoping to get in more reps than I’ve been doing lately.  How are your workouts going?

Love Betty


Death and Taxes


Ben F death and taxes

Today is a day of death and taxes.

My weekend was already planned for getting enough of the taxes figured out that I can file a somewhat accurate extension.  We haven’t filed on time in 25 years, so I’m not about to start now.  That would surely draw attention.

My sister texted that her mother in law passed away.  It wasn’t a shock as she had been ill and this past week had taken a turn for the worse.

While it can’t totally change my focus on what needs to be done this weekend, it is a reminder that life is fragile and where the real importance lies.

tax lineToo many times we find ourselves standing in the wrong line.

My brother in law lost his father many years ago and while this isn’t a shock it is still the moment when you realize you are an orphan and now the generations all reside after you and not before you.


I think back on that time when it happened for me and realize how very blessed I was/am with the aunts and uncles from both sides of the family who made sure we knew we could count on their presence in the absence of their lost siblings.  Thank you to all of you for your continued support.  It is immeasurable in importance.

I love the ones

I thought when Mom died that there was nothing more cruel than the closing of the coffin.  I couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing her physical presence. I would have preferred to have her stuffed like a lion and have her where I could still visit. ( I know that is bad, but it is honestly how I felt at the time).  I needed not worry about that as I now sometimes hear her in the choir or playing the organ at church or she pops into a dream.  I am now myself even past the age that I remember her most vibrant and that is sometimes  hard to wrap my mind around as a concept.

And with Dad, I still will visit somewhere or go to a restaurant and think that I need to bring him there the next time he is out for a visit.  Neither of my parents share the physical space, but they have not left me.

So to my sister and her family and her husband’s family I have no words that properly tell you how much I wish I could be there to share in the stories that could be told that help you to remember the days of laughter around the pool (once it was built),  of the antics from your childhood, or other stories to bring back more quickly the younger healthy Mother into your vision as that is the one we all hold most dearest.

tears are words


My love to you all.

Wilma,  I wish you were here and I could bribe you to take a look at the taxes as I am liking this task less every year.

Love Betty